Designer: Laura Berman

Visual Communication and Image, UCLA

Spring 2017

After having an especially difficult time my Sophomore year of college, I strongly considered dropping out of art school and returning home to New Mexico to pursue a career in nursing. For this class, we were assigned to buy 5 things on Ebay for less than $20 and somehow relate the objects to something in our lives. I bought 5 common art supplies, and repurposed them as medical tools, while exploring the advantages/disadvantages of going to nursing school or staying in art school.


I repackaged and "sterilized" the art supplies for re-use and included a detailed index at the back of my catalogue explaining what each object is and how it should be used. The catalogue is a collection of research that I found comparing art school to medical school. To my parents dismay, I stayed in art school, sorry mom + dad.


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